"Tiiu" and "Leiger", side by side in Estonia, are both driven by Norwegian Electric Systems`  equipment. NES has delivered the diesel electric systems to four car ferries operating in the Tallinn region which have been running successfully since 2016.  

As part of our delivery, we offer a training programme of the crew to establish a good understanding of the system as well as a well-functioning system. Freddy Agledal, NES` service coordinator, is in Tallinn at the moment for this purpose.

The car ferries are designed by LMG Marin located in Bergen-Norway and  owned and operated by the Port of Tallinn. 
They are built with icebreaker capacity to secure operation without support from external icebreaking capacity.

Service engineers infront of norwegian electric systems` generator and energy storage system

Foto: Trude Brun Wilhelmsen