About us

Norwegian Electric System AS is a total supplier of sustainable Energy Design and Smart Control for a wide range of vessels for the global marine market. We are a committed partner for safe shipping, lower emissions and added value for our customers .

Our focus is to be a collaborator and a system supplier, designing optimal propulsion systems for vessels and control systems to ensure safety by smart and easy operation.

Our expertise:

  • Energy Design, our knowledge about vessel operations and competence of integrating the latest available  energy sources gives us the opportunity to design optimal propulsion systems for your vessel.  We design efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, creating added value for our customers.                
  • Smart Control, new requirements and demand for more efficient and safe operations, calls for smarter vessels. Our flexible software platforms and new solutions for navigation, automation and control – ensures safety by smart and easy operation.                                

Where are we:

The company is located in the heart of the strong maritime clusters on the west coast of Norway. The maritime clusters are home to a unique concentration of maritime companies, specialist research and educational institutions. In the cluster`s green innovation for our future ocean is created. 

Main office in Bergen, and key competence offices in Ålesund and Egersund.



Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) was established in 2009 as a supplier of advanced diesel electric-, hybrid electric-, and 100% electric propulsion systems, for the global marine market.  
In 2019 NES, merged with NCS, completing the product range with IAS/PMS and Navigation/Bridge system.                                   

The company has taken an important position both nationally and internationally in several market segments.