Code of Conduct

We follow HAV Groups guidelines for etichs and corporate social responsibility

Norwegian Electric Systems shall have a good reputation for credibility around the world, achieved by consistently conducting its business with integrity and in accordance with the acts and regulations that apply to the group's activities.

Members of the board of directors and employees shall act in a fair and honest manner and demonstrate integrity in all their dealings with other employees, business associates and clients, the general public, the business community, shareholders, suppliers, competitors and public authorities. Norwegian Electric System's core values and commitment to sustainable development shall be reflected, promoted and implemented through guidelines, decisions and actions.

The group’s guidelines “Code of Conduct for Business, Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility” and “Anti-corruption Program” are available below.

Code of Conduct

Anti-corruption Program: 

Statement concerning equality and discrimination

Norwegian Electric Systems AS (‘the Company’) endeavours to promote equality and combat discrimination on the basis of gender, pregnancy, leave in connection with childbirth or adoption, care responsibilities, ethnicity, religion, belief, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or combinations of these factors.

The Company’s objective is to be a workplace in which full gender equality prevails, and where equality and non-discrimination are integrated in its principles, procedures, and standards.

The following statement has been prepared in accordance with Section 26 a) of the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act.