Liquid cooled four quadrant drive

The QUADRO DRIVE® frequency converter from Norwegian Electric Systems is the core of our electric propulsion system.

  • Frequency drives developed especially for marine applications
  • Power rating up to 5.000kW per drive
  • Liquid cooled, fast response, four quadrant drive and stable performance

The QUADRO DRIVE® frequency converter is specially designed for ship installations and sets the standard of next generation propulsion converters. QUADRO DRIVE® requires no large transformer, making installation much cheaper and simpler.

The Active Rectifier yields the possibility of regenerating the energy from the propeller and shaft back to the grid. The power factor is always unity, so the grid`s capability is fully utilized. The result is a flexible and dynamic propulsion system, focusing on a high performance energy chain from the diesel motor to the propeller`s thurst.

A modular based system is the cornerstone of the QUADRO DRIVE® frequency converter. This allows for interchangeable parts and an option of derating the drive if one module so the vessel can avoid off-hire time.


Total Harmonic Distortion  is, based on our already delivered main switchboards, measured to be between 1,2% and 1,7%, which means an average on 1,5%.


The arrangement of the electric propulsion system features a high level of reliability since each electric motor is supplied through its own Quadro Drive frequency converter and its associated control system. The propulsion system`s reduncdancy and the reliability of our converters improve safety. Reduntant main propulsion drives provide adequate power for the ship to operate if a malfunction occurs.

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Power Control Mode during transit ensures a constant power out-take from the diesel generator sets. This excludes power fluctuations due to sea and weather conditions.

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Compact design, low weight, liquid cooled

In recent years, Norwegian Electric Systems has been working to introduce more compact, flexible, weight- and space saving electric power systems to NES product range for propulsion systems up to 16.000kW.

Applications with lower outputs, up to 1.200kW of main propulsion, are of particular interest as the number of vessels in this power range - such as ferries, tugs, fish-breeding boats and fishing vessel - is fast increasing.

NES compact power modules producing 250kW/300A and measuring 224 x 448 x 109mm, which provide power to the propulsion motors, can be paralleled to give total power outputs of up to 1.200kW.

Impressive performance data has been gathered for the modules, covering shock levels from 10-50g and ambient temperatures from -40°C to +105°C. The new technology shows improved equipment robustness compared with what was used previously - resulting in increased reliability and improved equipment lifetime. The tolerance for high ambient temperatures enables the power modules to be installed in areas that don`t require air-conditioning.

Each power module weighs just 15 kg, which is approximately 50% less than the weight of products from other suppliers.

These modules, when combined with Norwegian Electric battery systems, makes NES an industry leader in high-performance energy storage and electric power systems.


  • Extremely compact design - 250kW unit only 15 kg
  • High enclosure class IP67 - Sealed from moisture and dust
  • Using regular water or water glycol mixture for cooling
  • Ambient temperature up to +105°C and down to -40°C
  • Robust design withstanding high levels of mechanical vibrations and shocks
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If you want further information about our systems, please contact us by phone or e-mail: CONTACT US