JPOS DP0 System

Discover the JPOS DP0 system - the epitome of efficiency and simplicity in dynamic positioning. Tailored for the contemporary mariner, this system emerges as the market's most user-friendly and intuitive DP0 system, transforming your maritime operation management.

Product Features

Position Keep

Maintains vessel stability at a fixed position and heading, ideal for critical operations.

Anchor Mode / Weather Wane:

Ensures the vessel maintains its position with the bow facing into the weather, optimal for challenging weather conditions.

Joystick Mode

Allows manual control of the vessel in all directions using a joystick - intuitive and responsive.


Follows pre-set routes at chosen speeds and headings, tailored to specific operational needs.

Follow ROV

Automatically tracks a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) using data from the ROV's positioning system.

Change Center of Rotation

Ability to adjust the center of rotation as needed, adding extra flexibility during maneuvers.