IAS – Integrated Automation System


  • Alarm & Monitoring system
  • Extension Alarm system
  • Tank Sounding
  • Pump, Valve & Fan Control
  • Power Management System
  • LNG Control
  • ESD - Emergency Shutdown
  • Gas Detection System
  • Ship Performance Monitor
  • Remote Support from onshore
    • Floodlights & Internal lights
    • Window heating


  • Each IO station or main controller may be equipped with any combination of IO modules
  • Distributed IO-cabinets results in less cabling
  • Easy termination directly on module base-unit with sufficient space for terminations
  • Easy to hot-swap modules
  • Good reporting possibilities
  • Unique playback functionality
  • Stable operation of system and few problems after delivery (low fail rate)
  • Easy and intuitive operation


The IAS is an integrated marine automation concept, designed to meet the complete range of automation and control task on board a modern vessel. The IAS is modular and scaleable in order to fit into any system from small system with some hundreds I/O up to larger systems with several thousands of signals   NETWORK AND COMMUNICATION  The controller is using a redundant IP network with communication up to the Operation Station.  For I/O communication it is using Profibus. The IAS can be interfaced to other equipment with different types of communication like  Modbus RTD, Modbus TCP/IP, Profibus, NMEA, fileshare.


Support of multiscreen. Integrated logging system with long time trend features. Integrated Alarm/Event list logger for storage and handling. Database with all values presented live with 1 sec update rate. Powerful component list utility with extensive tag filtering facilities.   SYSTEM DIAGNOSTIC  The total system is indicated in a system overview display, which shows details on all components in the system. Each component in the system has got an object display, which indicates the detail status of the actual object. I/O stations may be viewed down to the specific I/O signal with status indication