Marine system integration

We deliver complete hybrid and electric propulsion systems with the necessary engineering, calculations, project management, commissioning and seatrials.

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Raven INS

The first Integrated Navigation System, meeting the intentions of the standard, in lieu of patching a number of stand-alone applications together.

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Energy Storage Solution

QUEST® - The next generation in commercial marine energy storage solutions has been engineered to reduce emissions, save fuel, operating costs and meet commercial marine requirements.

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Odin's Eye®

ODIN'S EYE® is an ultra rapid DC grid solution, which allows for the use of variable speed generator sets. The marine electrical market already has DC electrical grid solutions, but why is this one so special?

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Quadro Master

The introduction to a converter-based DC power system in marine application is relative new in the marked. This is a short introduction to NES DC Switchboard Quadro Master (QM) which is the heart of the installation on all NES DC power system.

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Highly scalable Integrated Automation System for all types of vessels.

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NE Switchboards designed for marine purposes and made in accordance with the requirements of the classification societies.

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Get your vessels ready for the future with our variable frequency drives and you will be at the forefront in flexible and energy saving solutions.

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NE generators are designed to offer not only the best possible reliability, but also the best technical solution.

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A wide selection of motors including double jacket water cooled motors specially designed for marine heavy duty applications

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Low and medium three phase dry type transformers designed to offer not only the best possible reliabililty but also the best technical solution and quality for any marine system.

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Black Out Safety System ensures safe electrical operations under demanding conditions.

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Remote Assistance System. Access to the ship`s propulsion system in a matter of minutes! Instant diagnostics and advice when you need it the most - where ever your vessel might be.

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Ship performance monitor for optimizing of vessels performance and energy consumtion. Awareness display, reporting and cloud server solution.

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Automatic fjord crossing system for ferrys. Ensures consistent and energy optimized fjord crossing.

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JPOS DP0 System

The market's most user-friendly and intuitive DP0 system, transforming your maritime operation management.

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