NES DC Switchboard Quadro Master (QM) is the heart of the installation on all NES DC power system, and the introduction to a converter-based DC power system in marine application is relative new in the market.

NES MSB 1000V DC – Marine Switchboard is a DC Power Distribution Switchboard specially designed for marine applications. The switchboard is based on a common DC-bus system where power is fed to/from switchboard through power modules. The switchboard system can consist of one or several separate DC switchboards, depending on requirements for redundancy.

The NES MSB 1000V DC-Marine Switchboard can include (depending of the power system architecture) converters for motor, generator, battery, microgrid, bus tie, shaft generator etc. Each outgoing/incoming supplier also includes protective devices, breakers, filters/chokes, control components, needed instrumentation and liquid cooling.  

The Quadro Master is a modular-based system which forms a complete switchboard suitable for a modern vessels. Depending on the characteristics of the vessel, the Quadro Master can either utilize both AC and DC elements in the same switchboard. If there is a need for variable speed on the diesel engines, the installation can be delivered as a  pure DC-system.

The Quadro Master can be built using several different subsystems that together forms a multi-drive with a common DC-bus bar and AC switchboard in one cabinet. However, normally the AC switchboard is delivered as a separate component.

The DC switchboard consists of liquid cooled converters, piping for cooling inside the switchboard and external cooling pumps with a heat exchanger.

Available control modules in the Quadro Master:

  • QG – Generator controller
  • QD – Motor controller
  • QB – Battery controller and Shore charger controller
  • QC – Load and auxiliary controller

The Quadro Master can consist of one or more of each of these controllers. At the heart of each subsystem, there are one or more power modules running different types of control applications. All controllers can be operated locally on the specific panel within the Quadro Master via local pushbuttons and HMI panel. But normal control is remotely from the PMS or Thruster control etc. All controllers have a bus interface towards the IAS for control,monitoring and alarm.