Three phase synchronous generators


  • Long life endurance of electrical components and housing
  • Generators are impregnated with high-grade resin by a VPI process and an additional protection against hostile environmental conditions (tropicalization) is provided as standard
  • Large securitiy factors to ensure reliability for the worsk operating conditions


Active parts are designed by using the latest technologies and the best materials available to guarantee high efficiency values.


The generators are design and built in accordance with marine register rules specifications and comply with: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, RINA, RS.


  • Leackage detector for water cooled generators (IC81W/IC86W solutions)
  • CT`s for differential protection (above 1500kVA)
  • Interface towards external safety systems like B.O.S.S. for rapid action in case of failure situations
  • PT 100 sensors for temperature monitoring of stator winding and bearings.
  • Anti-condensation heaters are available for all frame sizes.


  •  Prepared for vibration sensors
  • Anti friction or sleeve bearings are available. For sleeve bearings, forced lubrication and jacking system are available for special or low speed applications 
  • Hybrid propulsion possibility using special exciter system for nominal torque from low speed
  • Digital excitation/AVR systems acc to customer requests
  • Degree of protection from IP23 to IP55
  • 50Hz/60Hz or variable speed solution for DC grid solutions
  • Speeds/Poles not mentioned in the brochure are available on request. 
  • Nominal voltage from 380 to 6.600 Volts
  • All generators are customizable to for optimal performance for each specific project

V-0413 Generator.pdf

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