The conversion of the ferries in the Moldefjord series is scheduled to start during the last half of 2020, and both ferry berths are being rebuilt with a complete land based charging system.

Good teamwork
This will be NES` delivery numbers 16, 17 and 18 of hybrid electric ferries to Fjord1.

'NES is humble and proud that Fjord1 once again has chosen NES as partner for their remodelling projects. Through good dialogue, we ensure sustainable and safe solutions for the future zero-emission ferries, stated Stein Ruben Larsen, Sales Manager at NES.'

Project Director Nils Kristian Berge in Fjord1 says that they are very satisfied with NES system solutions from NES, and therefore Fjord1 has chosen them again. 
'After several previous deliveries to our ferries, we have gained good experience with NES.  We know that we will get quality solutions that contribute to our effort to set a high standard and to Fjord1's leading position in the operation of zero-emission ferries in Norway.'

Optimized technical solutions
The ferries that will be converted were designed by LMG Marin in Bergen, and built by Remontowa        in Poland in 2009/2010. After having their gas engines replaced with batteries and charging systems, they will become zero-emission ferries.

NES has previously converted ferries from diesel-mechanical to both diesel-electric propulsion and hybrid propulsion. The deliveries in these contracts mainly consist of:

  • QUEST II charging system that will be integrated into the existing ship's propulsion systems
  • Battery systems
  • Charging plugs and transformers
  • Upgrading of the ship's IAS and PMS systems
  • Integration of the environmental reporting system SPM (Ship Performance Monitoring)

 On land, the followings must be delivered:

  • Charging plug
  • Power and charging systems

NES is world class supplier of zero-emission systems. Our extensive experience in design, construction, commissioning and operation assures our customers that the delivery is optimized and of high quality.