Last week Nor-Shipping nominated SC Connector and Havila Capella for the Next Generation Ship Award 2022.

We are thrilled to have equipped two of the four nominated vessels with cutting-edge technology. The winner will be announced at Nor-Shipping 2022 in April.

But what makes the SC Connector and Havila Capella next generation?

Sea-Cargo retrofitted their ro-ro ship SC Connector with two rotor sails and a battery pack. The vessel will sail completely without the main engine under proper wind conditions by utilising the Magnus effect for propulsion.

We supplied the ship with a battery pack, shore charging solution and variable speed shaft generator solution. By allowing the motor to run on variable revolutions per minute, the main motors achieve optimal RPM at all times. Combined with the wind propulsion from the rotor sails, it increases the energy conversion efficiency of the propeller.

Thus, the SC Connector sails at the same speed but with lower consumption, cutting emissions by 25 %.

The second vessel nominated for the prize, Havila Capella, which is equipped with our energy design and smart control solutions, is a hybrid gas-electric vessel with a giant battery pack. The battery pack make the sail on battery for up to four hours, making zero-emission.

Compared to similar vessels, it has 90 % lower NOx emissions and 25 % lower CO2 emissions. Havila Capella is also prepared to run on hydrogen in the future, enabling it to sail emission-free large parts of the route.

Congratulations to Havila Kystruten and Sea Cargo on the nominations!

Read the full article about the award here.

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