The turkish shipyard will proceed with the installation, commissioning and testing onboard the ship.

The ship in question, a live fish carrier, will be the most environmentally friendly of its kind, with the world's smallest environmental and climate footprint per kilo of transported salmon.

The vessel's energy production is a DC system with batteries and generators that run at variable RPM. This solution lowers fuel consumption for each kWh produced and contributes to reducing the noise produced. The decibel reduction is undoubtedly a positive for the crew and the salmon transported on the vessel.

Watch the video below to learn more about this project, with the voice of our Senior Project Engineer Tor-Harald Njåstad:

Reducing climate footprint

The footprint is reduced by the battery pack on board, combined with a large shore power capacity. The vessel is also prepared for the use of climate-neutral biofuel. As a result, the ship can operate on green and renewable energy for a large part of the time. The battery pack is also essential for optimal operation of energy production on board and provides increased security for the systems critical for fish welfare under transport.

Using waste heat from the engines' cooling water for heating on board while also producing electrical power from the heat in the exhaust and cooling water further contributes to energy efficiency.

Integrated bridge solution and automation systems

We will also supply this ship with our Smart Control solutions. 

This includes the Raven INS™, a dynamic positioning system, the bridge design and workstations, and the automation systems on board the ship.