This latest award comes only one month after Volstad Maritime appointed NES to equip the sister vessel Grand Canyon III with an identical battery pack and control system.

– The vessel upgrade for Grand Canyon II will be a carbon copy of what we will deliver and install on board the Grand Canyon III. Managing identical deliveries for two sister vessels, more or less in parallel, will allow the yard, shipowner and us to capitalise on learnings and production benefits that can enable reduced project execution risk, time and cost. We are thrilled to be able to support Volstad Maritime once more,” says Egil Bremnes, sales manager at NES.

NES, which specialises in sustainable energy design and smart control, will provide the equipment to the Grand Canyon II in connection with a vessel upgrade in 2023. The company will manage the project from its headquarters in Bergen, Norway. NES has not disclosed the value of the contract.

The battery pack on board the Grand Canyon II will be installed in a container below the deck, which can be more cost-efficient than building a dedicated battery room. Delivering the battery system in a container also allows NES to conduct extensive testing of the equipment before delivery, allowing the yard stay to be shortened correspondingly.

Similar to its sister vessel, the Grand Canyon II is a 127.5 long and 25 metres wide offshore construction vessel. It is equipped with a 250-tonne offshore crane. The vessel is currently on a firm charter with Helix Energy Solutions until 2027.   

Further, in June this year, Volstad Maritime also contracted NES to deliver the battery pack and control system in connection with a battery power notation upgrade of the M/S Volantis subsea construction vessel.

Volstad Maritime, headquartered in Aalesund, Norway, was one of the first offshore owners to achieve the ISO 50001 accreditation for Energy Management Standard. Installing batteries on board Grand Canyon II, Grand Canyon III and Volantis  will take these efforts a significant step forward.

NES is a subsidiary of HAV Group ASA, which is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo. NES operates in Bergen (HQ), Egersund and Ålesund in Norway, and Istanbul, Turkey.