Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) is excited to announce an agreement to acquire Undheim Systems AS, a leading provider of vessel dynamic positioning (DP) systems. The company, headquartered in Egersund, has successfully developed a highly flexible and competitive DP system for vessels of all sizes, including the smallest workboats.

“NES already provides digital decision support systems to vessels in order to cut operating expenditure and emissions to air. By adding DP capabilities to our product portfolio, we will be able to provide an even more complete data-driven and digital offering for cost-efficient vessel operations. Moreover, we obtain an important building block to help make safe and reliable autonomous sailing capabilities a reality,” says Siv Remøy-Vangen, managing director of NES.

Advancing Autonomous Vessels

Undheim Systems, based in Egersund, Norway, specializes in software and system design for dynamic positioning (DP) operations. The company has developed a flexible DP system suitable for vessels of all sizes and has delivered these systems to around 60 vessels across various industries. Founded by respected DP expert Stein Magnus Undheim, the company continues to experience strong demand for its DP product, JPOS. 

NES & Undheim Systems Partnership

NES plans to integrate Undheim Systems' expertise and DP technology with its energy design and smart control offering. NES already has a broad product portfolio of intelligent vessel navigation, automation and control systems, as well as an office in Egersund which the Undheim Systems team will co-locate with.

By merging NES’ Raven INS intelligent navigation system with Undheim Systems’ DP technology, NES will provide solutions that control vessels at all speeds and enable semi-autonomous functionality.

“There is a very exciting opportunity in combining NES’ vessel navigation systems with our DP technology. The combination is an obvious plug-and-play solution that we can offer to today’s vessels for both retrofit installations and newbuilds. In addition, the combination can provide an important piece of the jigsaw towards autonomous vessels. The delivery of automatic docking systems for ferries is an obvious first step. We look forward to exploring these and many other growth opportunities as part of NES,” says Stein Martin Undheim, managing director of Undheim Systems.

“Many customers ask us to combine DP systems with our own vessel navigation system when supplying smart control systems for vessel. Until now we have had to acquire DP systems from third-party suppliers. Going forward we can provide a fully integrated and more robust solution. This will benefit both NES and our customers,” adds Siv Remøy-Vangen.

Transaction Terms

HAV Group ASA, the parent group of NES, has agreed to acquire 100 per cent of the shares in Undheim Systems AS. The consideration consists of shares in HAV Group ASA and an undisclosed immaterial cash amount. The transaction is expected to close in June 2023.