Under the contract, NES will provide a containerized energy storage system that consists of a “Quest” battery charger with 1,250 kW capacity; a 994 kWh battery package capable of operating in peak shaving, spinning reserve and harbour mode; control system; transformer; and upgrading of the current black out safety system (BOSS). NES will also support with commissioning of the deck-based system.

“We have delivered this type of containerized energy storage system to a number of offshore vessels, but this is the first time we are installing it onboard a live fish carrier. It reflects the aquaculture industry’s increased focus on energy-efficient marine operations as an enabler to reduce both operating costs and emissions,” says Siv Remøy-Vangen, managing director of Norwegian Electric Systems.

NES, which specialises in sustainable energy design and smart control, will deliver the equipment during 2024. The company will manage the project out of its headquarter in Bergen, Norway.

AquaShip/Intership will install the equipment on board the vessel Grip Explorer, which is currently being converted from an offshore supply vessel to a 3,500 m3 live fish carrier.

“We are confident that installing a battery package from NES will be a success. It will result in reduced emissions, higher operational reliability and improved on board working conditions for our crew. We have no doubt that we have teamed up with the right partner for this project,” says Stian Førde, Technical Manager-Electro and Nils Otterlei, Chief Operation Officer at AquaShip.

AquaShip / Intership is an aquaculture service conglomerate with headquarters in Kristiansund and Hareid, offering a comprehensive set of maritime services to the world’s leading salmon farming companies. With a fleet consisting of 40 different vessels, including wellboats for live fish, support vessels, harvesting boats, feed boats, service boats, and three new boats under construction, the company has a significant presence in Norway, Scotland, Chile, Canada, and Ireland. The company aims to be a market leader in fish welfare, offering services throughout the entire process from smolt to grading, treatment, and harvesting. Through its high-tech fleet, equipped with innovative and state-of-the-art systems, AquaShip / Intership ensures safe, environmentally friendly, and sustainable handling and transport of live fish.

“Adding battery power to existing vessels is a growth market, and we are very pleased to get a market breakthrough for our containerized energy storage system in the aquaculture industry. We look forward to collaborating with AquaShip/Intership on this project,” says Egil Bremnes, sales manager at NES.

NES is a subsidiary of HAV Group ASA, which is listed on Euronext Growth Oslo. NES has operations in Bergen (HQ), Egersund and Ålesund in Norway, and Istanbul, Turkey.