The ferries being built at Remontowa Shipbuilding, Gdansk for Transport for London (TfL) are on schedule to be put into operation across the river Thames in the end of 2018. NES is supplying the hybrid electric propulsion to power the 4 high efficient thrusters which make the vessels very maneuverable. 

NES signed new contracts in 2016 with Remontowa Shipbuilding, Gdansk for the delivery of two hybrid electric systems for two new ferries. The contract has a value of 25-30 mill NOK. The owner of the new ferries is Transport for London (TfL) and the LMG Marin 60-DEH design includes a propulsion system, which is the newest within green energy.

The ferries shall be operating the link between Woolwich and North Woolwich across the River Thames. The Woolwich Ferry has been operating since 1889 and carries around 20.000 vehicles and 2.6 million passengers a year across the River Thames.

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