By installing battery technology onboard your vessel means that the vessel can run the diesel engines much more effectively when at sea and this reduces the C02 emission, fuel costs and maintenance costs of the motors. The vessel is noiseless when at shore since the motors are shut down, the vessel is connected to shore power and norwegian waterpower charges the batteries.

«A ship-owner can save costs on less fuel consumption by 25-30%, and maintenance costs with 15-20% by installing batteries on their vessel. Retrofitting a supply vessel means the same as 1000 fewer cars on the Norwegian roads," says Kristin Aamodt, leader of a department in Equinor that invests in new technology, in an inteview to VGTV.

  It has become a requirement that any supply vessel that has a long term contract with Equinor, shall have an energy storage solution installed. Aamodt thinks that it is vital to have two thoughts in ones mind at the same time to be able to meet todays and the futures needs for energy,  "We need to have a high focus on renewable energy simultaneously with developing oil and gas in an effective, sustainable and safe way. That`s why this vessel is so cool. This is a ship with new battery technology that reduces C02 emissions that sails to the oil platforms in the North Sea. It`s like two worlds meets here,” says Aamodt.

Norwegian Electric Systems is ready to help you design your next hybrid electric propulsion system at an early stage and to achieve significant reductions in fuels costs, maintenance and emissions. With the QUEST® technology on board you will be contributing to a cleaner future.

By using the container solutions for energy storage, most vessels can be converted or upgraded. With Norwegian Electric Systems` know-how and experience we can help you find the best solution for your vessel.

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