These new ferries shall be operating the on routes between Hareid-Sulesund and Magerholm-Sykkylven and first deliveries of equipment from Norwegian Control systems in 2018.

Unique combination of products
Norwegian Control Systems, together with their sister company Norwegian Electric Systems, delivers complete electro packages from “bridge to propeller” which consists of electric and hybrid propulsion systems, bridge solutions, automation, battery and charging systems as well as electro engineering.

Focus on energy efficiency
To make the crew aware of energy efficiency, Norwegian Control System includes SPM (Ship Performance Monitor) systems on all ferries. SPM is a very useful monitoring software, developed to help the ship-owners to understand and improve the ship`s overall efficiency.

This is done by collecting information concerning the vessel’s energy consumption from all the consumers on board, together with other important data such as vessel speed, wind velocity and direction, distance, draught and trim. SPM is integrated within the vessel’s automation system where the consumption can be presented on all operating work stations on board. By using a secure VPN cloud connection all historic data can be stored.

Utilizing the SPM Fleet Manager software, reports which satisfies international standards such as SEEMP, EU MRV, etc. are easily generated. Crew, supervisors and other personnel can subscribe to these reports from all vessels within their fleet. Collected historical data will enable the possibility to analyze speed and conditions to optimize the vessel`s efficiency.

Norwegian, green technology
Fjord1 has taken a leading role in green development within the Norwegian transport industry and these new ferries will strengthened their position. “We are proud to be the supplier of products and solutions to these new environmentally friendly ferries,” says Svein Ove Farstad, Sales & Bid Manager in NCS. “The world is looking towards Norway when it comes to the electrification of ferries and other vessel types. It is important for NCS to show that we are a supplier that can be trusted when the demand for these solutions begins in other marine markets. The renewal of vessels, which is occurring now, is the most extensive we have ever seen in Norwegian ferry history.”

Picture frontpage: Photocredit, BowVision