The new product is called RAVEN INS and will be available on the market in Q1 2020.

 Norwegian technology – the road to autonomous vessels

There are many integrated bridge and navigation systems on the market, but now, the time was ripe to optimise the interaction between such system applications. In September 2017, NCS therefore started developing Raven INS. With new technology and functionality in the form of hybrid propulsion and autonomous / semi-autonomous systems on the market, NCS has designed and developed Raven INS precisely to accommodate future requirements for integration, operation and safety.

 Raven INS offers operations-based solutions, focusing on the navigator and only presenting information of relevance to the different tasks the vessel performs.


Integrated chair

One of the key components of the new system is a self-developed operator’s chair, where the focus has been on functionality while at the same time ensuring that the chair is modern and elegant.

The chair is designed to satisfy many types of use, e.g. winch operations and DP operations.

‘This is a forward-looking and well-developed product that will rationalise work on the bridge and make life easier for navigators. The process of developing Raven INS has been motivating and it will be very exciting to present it at exhibitions so that customers can see and test the product,’ says Ole M. Husøy, Master Marine – Sales & Design.


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Photo: Taken at Nor-Fishing exhibition in Trondheim. Photocredit: Havyard

Inspired by Norse mythology

The product is named Raven INS because the raven is considered as the most intelligent bird. In Norse times, the bird was highly regarded, and the Vikings often painted ravens on their sails to bring them good luck in battle. Each morning, Odin’s ravens Huginn and Muninn flew out over the world and reported everything that happened to Odin. Similarly, Raven (the bridge) gathers information from its surroundings and gives the operator a complete overview!

 The market

Because Raven INS is a scalable and flexible solution, it is suitable on all vessels, from 25-metre-long workboats to 150-metre-long mega yachts.


NCS will attend several exhibitions this autumn to demonstrate the new product.

For an overview of the exhibitions, go to:

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