Norwegian Electric Systems signs its first Energy Storage Solution with ship owners Skansi Offshore. The battery pack will be installed on board Skansi Offshore’s Platform Supply Vessel Sjoborg. The power pack will provide enough power to supply the whole vessel’s needs should a generator failure occur during DP operations. The vessel will be able to move safely away from any hazardous areas of operation under battery power alone.

The battery pack will also allow the vessel to operate on less diesel generator during transit, offering peak shaving capabilities and acceleration assistance. During visits to the quayside the battery pack can also utilize shore power for charging or supplement the shore connection if higher on board power demands are needed.

“Energy Storage Solutions have been part of Norwegian Electric System’s strategy for some time but convincing ship owners to upgrade their vessels has not been easy,” says Paul Winson, Senior Vice President in Norwegian Electric Systems. “Many companies are still skeptical to the use of batteries on board their ships. Understandable with the amount of media attention surrounding battery fires on airplanes, cars and mobile phones. However, the marine class societies and battery suppliers have gone to great lengths to ensure the safe use of batteries on marine vessels. Indeed, Statoil has realized the potential safety increase that these Energy Storage Solutions can offer to offshore vessels. Also, there are significant fuel and harmful emissions savings to be gained at the same time. We are grateful that Statoil has given incentives, by way of contracts, to ship owners who invest in Energy Storage Solutions.”

The Energy Storage Solution supplies by NES for Sjoborg will be a simple 20’ containerized solution requiring the minimum of upgrading work for the existing electrical system. “Our aim is to make the whole experience for Skansi Offshore to be as simple as possible, Plug-and-Play, if you like,” says Mikael Odland, Norwegian Electric Systems’ Product Manager for Energy Storage. The solution also comes with fire safety protections and cooling. Minor changes to the vessel’s automated systems will also be carried out which will give the crew on board real time information about the battery’s status. Charging and discharging of the batteries will be automatically controlled by the vessel’s Power Management System and an Energy Management System installed by Norwegian Electric Systems. It should also be a lot quieter on board as less generator sets will be operating during normal operations. “I believe, as experience and confidence grows, Energy Storage Solutions will be a normal part of a vessel’s electrical system,” says Mikael Odland.

Statoil awarded contracts to five ship owners, and Norwegian Electric Systems delivers the system to two of them; Skansi and Havila.

For more information, contact: Senior VP Sales Paul Winson: +47 90 60 99 72 Adm & Market Executive Janiche Bull Pettersen:  +47 91 89 99 39