The order means that Havila Kystruten should be able to meet the requirements for emission-free sailing in the World Heritage fjords as early as five years before the official deadline. 

‘With this order, we will demonstrate that we have the right technology to meet future requirements for lower emissions and greener shipping,’ say Sales Support Manager Henry Myhre and President and CEO of Norwegian Electric Systems Tor Leif Mongstad.

Norwegian Electric Systems (NES) will deliver a complete hybrid propulsion system including the battery pack Energy Storage System, which has a capacity per vessel of 6,100 kWh, more than double that of the biggest battery-operated ferries. The delivery also contains a charging system for onshore charging. 

 No emissions

With this solution, the coastal routes should be able to dock and undock emission-free and not least, sail emission-free on certain routes, such as the World Heritage fjords. The system is also adapted to the next generation of technology, using hydrogen and fuel cells. 

The coastal route will contain a hybrid gas-electric propulsion system with battery, where four gas-powered engines in each vessel run the generators. Together, these will have a system performance of 7,760 kilowatts. NES will deliver the generators, complete switchboard systems, trafos, frequency converters for the thruster engines and the energy management system for the coastal route vessels.

Norwegian Control Systems (NCS) will also deliver products for the order, including an integrated automation system, integrated bridge solution and tank gauging system. 

The delivery will start in summer 2019 and the coastal route vessels should be in service from 2021.


Satisfy the most stringent requirements

Sales & Bid Manager of NCS, Svein Ove Farstad, and Tor Leif Mongstad (Chair of the Board of NCS) explain that this is the first delivery of NCS’s newly-developed Raven INS® (Integrated Navigation System).

 ‘This is a breakthrough and it is particularly pleasing that it will be used in an entirely new market for us. Here, we will also demonstrate that we can meet official and class requirements for cruise and passenger traffic in vessels of this size, requirements that are the most stringent we have.’

This is also a milestone for NES and a breakthrough in a new market.


‘We are experiencing a steady increase in demand from this market, and this contract gives us a good reference and an advantage in terms of cruise and passenger traffic,’ says CEO Tor Leif Mongstad. 

New and important market

NES and NCS (which comprise the business area Power & Control in Havyard Group) will deliver the main systems from bridge to propellers. They are also involved in the whole process, from concept development via engineering and delivery to start-up. This entails a total order value of over NOK 300 million and provides long-term employment.

Tor Leif Mongstad is looking forward to the big order and the activity it creates.

 'We were able to deliver the right technology at the right price and had the capacity to deliver at the right time. This has ensured a breakthrough for us in a new and important market.’ 

Photo: Havila Kystruten, Havyard.