Certainly, the first of its kind for the Faroe Islands, this vessel will not just be saving money during operations but also the environment. Skansi are very forward thinking ship-owners and were the first company to approach Norwegian Electric Systems regarding the retrofitting of Batteries to a Diesel Electric vessel. It was this forward thinking, which earned Skansi a new contract with Equinor (previously Statoil), based on reducing the number of running diesel engines at any one time. 

With its new hybrid system, “Sjoborg”  can operate even more safely around the oil installations, which it serves in the North Sea. “Sjoborg” now operates only on the number of diesel engines that it requires, no need to have extra ones running in reserve for safety reasons. This greatly increases the efficiency of the engines running and reduces exhaust emissions. With less diesel engines operating, it should make for significant savings in maintenance too.

The battery pack was, first and foremost, designed with safety in mind. Its first function is that of “Spinning Reserve”. To provide power instantaneously in the event of a diesel generator set or main switchboard failure. Without the need to synchronize, the power from the batteries is instantly available to the vessel’s propulsion system, keeping the vessel maneuverable when operating around oil platforms and other critical installations.

As an added bonus the batteries can be used for “peak shaving” whilst in transit. Keeping the power output from the diesel generator sets at a constant load, whilst the batteries add power when peak loads are incurred. Other benefits include “intermittent mode”, where the batteries and generator sets run alternatively. This reduces the wear and tear on the generator sets as they can be shut down for extended periods whilst the vessel runs purely on battery power. Whilst running purely on batteries the vessel should be much quieter and life on board should be even more comfortable for the crew. It also makes the generator sets operate more efficiently when they are running, as any spare capacity is used to recharge the batteries. Also, the vessel is able to operate along any quayside for several hours purely on battery power and, where possible, shore power.

All in all, “Sjoborg”  is not just one of the most advanced vessels of its kind, but also one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly. “This is a milestone for Skansi Offshore. Our mission is to improve the standards in our industry, and this an important step in that direction,” says Jens Meinhard Rasmussen, CEO at Skansi Offshore.

"Skansi has been one of Norwegian Electric Systems' best customers and we are pleased that they also placed this order with us and we wish them good luck with future environment-friendly operations, "said Tor Leif Mongstad CEO.


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